An Expression Of Grandeur Of The Great Mughal Dynasty

Sprawled over 93077 sq. m of Mughal-style gardens, with the characteristic use of water channels, fruit trees, flowers, and shaded walkways, the resort is a fitting tribute to the great Mughal builders of the past. In close proximity to the Taj Mahal, this luxury resort offers 233 opulent rooms and suites, a resplendent spa, signature cuisine offerings, and a range of elaborate banqueting facilities. It recreates a paradise for the contemporary Mogul – exemplifying the splendor and perfection that was the hallmark of the Mughal Dynasty.

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Design & Detailing

When driving in, the feeling is that of entering a royal sanctuary, dotted by reflecting pools, fountains, and bridges. The interiors are marked by high ceilings and large windows to afford a view of the Taj or the landscaped gardens.

ITC Mughal (Taj Mahal Guide)

ITC Mughal (Taj Mahal Guide)

The color palette of the interior décor is richly Mughal, glowing jewel-like in endless space. The arches, lattice-like patterns, and cornices instantly evoke images of Mughal palaces. Floors of white marble, slate, and red sandstone seem to await the arrival of the emperor.

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