Flavors & Gourmet Couch presents the culinary legacy and finest cuisine offerings from the signature brands and award-winning kitchens at ITC Mughal. A curated menu from globally acclaimed restaurants brings alive exquisite epicurean delights, with curated signature preparations to suit discerning palates. Authentic recipes crafted with utmost hygiene and care ensure your wellbeing and a safe dining experience.


Celebrate the young wonders of your life with Ollie's Club

Celebrate the young wonders of your life with Ollie’s Club

Quality, variety, and ingenuity are the hallmarks of the dining destinations at ITC Mughal. The robust flavors of the North-West Frontier vie for attention with cuisines from across the world and close to home. Buffets, a la carte menus, and a knowledgeable selection of beverages make every stay an epicurean delight.

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